Pacific Pyrolysis

Australian developed technology wins United Nations World Environment Day Award


Images of Pyrolysed Biocarbons (PBCs) and Dielectric relaxation of water adsorbed on wood and charcoal
Alfred Harris to Stephen Joseph, BEST Energies, May 8, 2007

SEM Image 21.1b.1 Charcoal to right

Macademia Shells


Australia leads the way in a new approach to removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
Stephen Joseph, Best Energies, Australia, February 7, 2007

Australia has been selected as the host of the first International Conference on the use of Agrichar (also known as Bio-char), to be held between 29th April and 2nd May, 2007 in the sea-side resort of Terrigal, just a few hours drive from Sydney.


Time to Master the Carbon Cycle
Erich J. Knight, January 16, 2007

Man has been controlling the carbon cycle , and there for the weather, since the invention of agriculture, all be it was as unintentional, as our current airliner contrails are in affecting global dimming. This unintentional warm stability in climate has over 10,000 years, allowed us to develop to the point that now we know what we did and that now we are over doing it.

The prehistoric and historic records gives a logical thrust for soil carbon sequestration.
I wonder what the soil biome carbon concentration was REALLY like before the cutting and burning of the world's virgin forest, my guess is that now we see a severely diminished community, and that only very recent Ag practices like no-till and reforestation have started to help rebuild it. It makes implementing Terra Preta soil technology like an act of penitence, a returning of the misplaced carbon.

Market Feasibility for Products Developed at the Cashton Greens Energy Park
Cashton Area Development Corporation,and Stephen Joseph, BEST Energies March 15, 2006

Overall Project Introduction

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