Proceedings of the The 1st FOREBIOM Workshop:
Potentials of Biochar to mitigate climate change
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On the 4 -5 April, 2013 the Austrian Academy of Science hosted a Workshop exploring the responsible use of biomass energy, and the potential for using biochar to mitigate climate change.

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Wood ash admixture to organic wastes improves compost and its performance
T. Kuba , A. Tscholl , C. Partl, K. Meyer, H. Insam
Agriculture, Ecosystems, Environment Vol 127 (1-2), August 2008 pp 43-49

Throughout Europe, increasing amounts of wood ash are produced from biomass incineration plants. Most of these ashes are currently landfilled, despite their nutrient and micronutrient contents. The aim of this research was to find a way to return wood ash from biomass incineration plants into the natural cycle
of matter. Three composts from source separated organic waste were produced with 0%, 8% and 16% ash admixture. The composting process was monitored by in situ measurements of temperature and CO2 concentration in the windrows. Maturation of the composts was observed through the parameters basal respiration, microbial biomass,metabolic quotient, Corg, Ntot, C/N-ratio and plant growth tests with cress.


Energy & Agricultural Carbon Utilization: Sustainable Alternatives to Sequestration
University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, June 10-11, 2004

Oral Presentations

Discovery and Awareness of Anthropogenic Amazonian Dark Earths (Terra Preta)
Bill Denevan - Prof. Emeritus, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Madison, WI USA

Explorations of Pre-Columbian Agricultural Landscapes in the Amazon
Clark Erickson - Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA USA

The Secrets of Making Terra Preta Soils

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