Nice introduction to the practice and history of Biochar, and great pictures of master gardeners using biochar + compost blends.

Josiah Hunt, Landscape Ecology July, 2010

Biochar Trials

In 2009 Landscape Ecology was awarded a grant to produce biochar amended compost and observe plant growth responses.


Josiah Hunt, July, 2010

Josiah has a background in Agroecology and Ecology, and he has been working both in landscaping, and in making Biochar. See his web site for more details

His work is also noted in the July-August 2010 Audubon Magazine Field Notes: Please Smoke


Taro at 4 months without biochar

This is the poster backdrop for the IBI booth at Ames. The photo of the two guys tilling in biochar (taken by me) was soon after planted in Taro and is the same as is shown below and in the Taro series.

Taro on left without (first 20ft.), Taro on right with biochar compost

Corn at harvest with compost

Corn at harvest with neither compost nor biochar

corn at 3 wks with biochar and compost

Corn at 3 wks with neither biochar nor compost


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