Biological Agriculture for beautiful corn near Cape Giradeaux, Missouri.

Erin Rasmussen
Full Ears of Corn by July 4
Healthy Roots - Corn July
Good healthy growth Mid June
Adapted No-tiill setup for applying biological amendments

Farmer J.R. Bollinger has been seeing remarkable results with his no-till corn this year in the Mississippi valley near Cape Giradeaux, Missouri. As you can see from the pictures he had lush, green 6 foot corn in mid June, and full ears of corn by the fourth of July. As you can see by the root growth and green leaves, these are healthy plants and have ready access to the nutrition they need to grow and develop fruit.

Mr. Bollinger built a custom pre-tillage toolbar that allows him to add both wet and dry amendments using a gang of 15 injectors using a GPS guided tractor. This setup allows him to apply precise tillage of strips of his field that have been tilled and pre-injected with a blend of biochar, beneficial microbes, mycorrhizae, minerals and other biological amendments. Next he precision seeded the corn into the amended strips. The seedlings were sown to grow directly incontact with beneficial amendments with a minimum of passes ( and realated compaction of the field). As a result, the corn has growngrew vigorously and quickly. This type of system allows farmers to amend fields efficiently and use long term soil amendments like biochar and mineral amendments with a cost-effective method. This farmer is adding carbon, micro-nutrients, and minerals to the field, and by thinking of amending a series of strips over a number of years, can improve the long term health of his whole field, while growing a healthy crop for market.

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