Torrified Wood

Torrefaction: Picture - Machine #2 - 8/14/08
Joseph J. James, Agri-Tech Producers, LLC, August 15, 2008

Agri-tech Machine #2
Agri-tech Machine #2


As most of you know, we are commercializing a unique form of torrefaction technology, developed by NC State University (NCSU). This process will densify, add value to, improve the characteristics of woody biomass, making it a much better feedstock for which to co-fire with coal, make superior pellets and briquettes and to use in gasifier operations. It also allows treated biomass to be shipped more economically and for greater distances.


Using Torrefied Wood for Electricity and Pellet Production in South Carolina
Chris Hopkins, NCSU, and Agritech Producers LLC, February 25, 2008

Presentation to the South Carolina Biomass Council
Description of mobile torrefaction program at NCSU.


Torrefaction for entrained-flow gasification of biomass
P.C.A. Bergman, A.R. Boersma, J.H.A. Kiel, M.J. Prins, K.J. Ptasinski, F.J.J.G. Janssen, ECN, Netherlands, ECN-C--05-067,

A major technical obstacle in entrained-flow gasification of biomass concerns the size reduction and the subsequent pneumatic transport of the biomass powder. The fibrous structure of fresh biomass makes it very difficult and costly to reduce its particle size down to below 500 microns.

Torrefaction, a thermal treatment of biomass in the temperature range of 200


Torrified Wood
James R. Arcate, Transnational Technology LLC,, March 10,2008



The university of Campinas in Brazil and the company Bioware ( are producing torrefied briquettes ina 200-300 kg/h pilot facility:

Contact :Felix Fonseca Felfi.


Netherlands: Topell

NewEarth Renewable Energy Inc.


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