Sustainable Farm Scale Income producing Carbon Negative Fuels, Fertilizer, Food and Co-Products.
Danny Day, EPRIDA, United Nations Commission on Sustainability, May 7, 2007

Small farms can reverse global
warming by
1. Producing the fuels needed to grow their food crops.
2. Improving soil productivity on existing crop land.
3. Improving biodiversity to increase farm co-product income.
4. Taking part in producing terra preta soils.
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Carbon negative energy to reverse global warming
Danny Day, EPRIDA, A posting to Energy Resources Group on Yahoo 2004

A recent symposium (EACU) at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA,
USA brought together a group representing scientists from chemistry, archeology, physics, anthropology, microbiology, soil scientists, agronomists, renewable energy research, and representatives from DOE, USDA and industry. The focus was to look at the evidence for massive historical carbon utilization, current research and how carbon negative energy could be economically deployed today.

Conserve or Invest? What We Earn from Carbon Utilization
Danny Day, Eprida / University of Georgia Bioconversion Center, Presentation to National Association of Conservation Districts, February 9, 2005

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