Activated carbon from char obtained from vacuum pyrolysis of teak sawdust: pore structure development and characterization

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Journal Article


Bioresour Technol, Volume 96, Number 12, p.1364-9 (2005)


0960-8524 (Print)

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Carbon/ chemistry, Charcoal/chemistry, Refuse Disposal/ methods, Temperature, Time Factors, Wood


The preparation of activated carbon from vacuum pyrolysis char of teak sawdust was studied and the results are presented in this paper. The effects of process variables such as temperature and activation time on the pore structure of activated carbons were studied. The activated carbon prepared from char obtained by vacuum pyrolysis has higher surface area and pore volume than that from atmospheric pyrolysis char. The BET surface area and pore volume of activated carbon prepared from vacuum pyrolysis char were 1150 m2/g and 0.43 cm3/g, respectively.


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