Carbon sequestration

Long Term Carbon Sequestration Using Charcoal
Amrith S. Gunasekara1, Victor P. Claassen2, Thomas Young3, and Ronald Tjeerdema1, 2005


Conserve or Invest? What We Earn from Carbon Utilization
Danny Day, Eprida / University of Georgia Bioconversion Center, Presentation to National Association of Conservation Districts, February 9, 2005

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Black Carbon from Rice Residues as Soil Amendment and for Carbon Sequestration
Haefele, SM, Konboon, Y, Knoblauch, C, Koyama, S, Gummert, M, Ladha, JK
Cornell University Poster Presented to International Rice Research Institute, September 14 2006

On highly weathered soils in tropical and subtropical climates, maintenance of soil organic matter is essential to sustain system productivity and avoid rapid soil degradation. But climatic conditions as well as soil characteristics favor the rapid decomposition of organic matter. However, several recent studies indicated that black carbon, the product of incomplete combustion of organic material, could combine characteristics highly beneficial for soil nutrient dynamics with high stability against chemical and microbial breakdown.

Black in the New Green
Emma Marris, NATURE, Vol 442, 10 August 2006

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