Carbon Sequestration by Carbonization of Biomass and Forestation: Three Case Studies
Makoto Ogawa,Yasuyuki Okimori, Fumio Takahashi, Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, Volume 11, Number 2, March 2006 , pp. 421-436(16)
Publisher: Springer


Potential of carbon sequestration by carbonizing wood residue from industrial tree plantation as a Clean Development Mechanism project in the Kyoto Mechanism
Okimori,Y.Takahashi,F. Ogawa,M. (KANSO),Yamanaka,T.(Kansai Electric Power), Energy with Agricultural Carbon Utilization Symposium, Georgia 2004

1. Effective sequestration of CO2 in atmosphere and its inactivation
2. Carbon sequestration project by forestation and charcoal use
3. Charcoal properties
4. Charcoal properties: porous structure

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