Robert Flanagan, February 2011

An overview of the compounded fertilizer plant here in Hangzhou:

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Effects of mycorrhizal fungi and biochar 90 Days

Robert Flanagan, Hangzhou Sustainable Agricultural Food & Fuel Enterprise Co., Ltd. (SAFFE), February 15, 2008

Day 90Day 90

Hey Guys, Just got to 90days of my latest biochar trial and wanted some feedback on what data you think I should be taking from this trial? We can clean off the roots and photo as much as possible and do clearly marked side by side photos.

I don't have any funding for this trials so there is a limit on the depth I can go regarding data collection so I'm really looking for a base list. The medium was sterilized subsoil and we used 2Kg soil per tray with three reps of each treatment (I just took the average of each treatment for the attached photo).

Kind Regards, Rob.

Robert Flanagan
Chairman & President Hangzhou Sustainable Agricultural Food & Fuel Enterprise Co., Ltd.


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Modified BiocharModified Biochar

Effects of mycorrhizal fungi and biochar 75 Days
Robert Flanagan, Hangzhou Sustainable Agricultural Food & Fuel Enterprise Co., Ltd.
(SAFFE), February 5, 2008

I just got to visit my biochar trial at BIOTROP today so I took a few photos to give all you some idea of the profound difference biochar makes to subsoil

Rice Husk CharcoalRice Husk Charcoal

How to Make Charcoal
Robert Flanagan, SAFFE, January 30, 2008

I've just been playing around with my natural draft stove to see how easy it would be to use it for cooking and making charcoal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5OAkmum7gU&feature=channel_page .
I fed some extra fuel in the side so show the pyrolysis reaction taking place.


Robert Flanagan's Biochar Stove: Carbon Negative Cooking
David Yarrow, TERRA: The Earth Restoration & Renewal Alliance, October 30, 2007


The Charcoalab Kit
Christelle H Braun, Naomi Luckett, Christoph Steiner, Robert Flanagan October 26, 2007
[img_assist|nid=494|title=Charcoalab Kit|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=400|height=300]
The Charcoalab Kit contains:
- 6 pots
- 3 baggies of rice hull, temperature specific charcoal
- Litmus paper

Due to issues with posting seeds, we are asking participants to source their
own seeds and to inform us about seeds species and origin (if they come from a
commercial source...maybe a picture of the packet?).

The kits are being distributed by Naomi from New Zealand.

I attach to this mail the instructions for the Charcaoalab Kit, which you
can also download on the website:

For any other information, please send your request to:

Carbon negative tea
Kelpie Wilson, October 17, 2007

Kelpie & Preston_3_1char yield_1_1carbon negative hot water_2_1


The Charcoalab Project: Charcoalab Pot Trials

Robert Flanagan, SAFFE, China, Christelle Braun, Naomi, September 4, 2007

Charcoalab Pot Trials<br />
The Charcoalab Project<br />
September 2007

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The new "Black Gold" is already on sale in Indonesia!

Robert Flanagan, SAFFE, China, August 31, 2007

Black Gold


Update on Biochar Trials in Hangzhou, China

Robert flanagan, SAFFE, Hangzhou, China, August 28, 2007

Ready to eat after 59days

Ready to Eat in 59 Days




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