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Soil Reef Biochar:
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Nice academic introduction to biochar from Dr. David Laird.

Biochar: an Introduction to an Industry from CenUSA Bioenergy on Vimeo.

Dr. David Laird gives us an introduction to biochar, and research being done by CenUSA to investigate it's potential for use as a soil amendment.
Video filmed by Kelsey Lee, edited by Dylan VanBoxtel.
Find out more about Cen USA:

CenUSA Bioenergy is supported by Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant no. 2011-68005-30411 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Full Ears of Corn by July 4
Healthy Roots - Corn July
Good healthy growth Mid June
Adapted No-tiill setup for applying biological amendments

Farmer J.R. Bollinger has been seeing remarkable results with his no-till corn this year in the Mississippi valley near Cape Giradeaux, Missouri. As you can see from the pictures he had lush, green 6 foot corn in mid June, and full ears of corn by the fourth of July. As you can see by the root growth and green leaves, these are healthy plants and have ready access to the nutrition they need to grow and develop fruit.

Mr. Bollinger built a custom pre-tillage rig on his no-till tractor toolbar that allows him to add both wet and dry amendments as he is pre-tilling his field. Allowing him to create stripes of ground that already contain a blend of biochar, beneficial microbes, mycorrhizae, minerals and other biological amendments. Next he precision seeded the corn into the amended strips. The seedlings were directly in contact with beneficial amendments with a minimum of passes (compaction of the field) and grew vigorously and quickly. This type of system allows farmers to amend fields efficiently and use long term soil amendments like biochar and mineral amendments in a cost-effective way. In this way, he's adding carbon, micro-nutrients, and minerals to the field, and by thinking of amending a series of strips over a number of years, can improve the long term health of his soil, while growing a healthy crop for market.

For more detail see

Making Bone Biochar with the Exeter Biochar Retort
Callicrate Bone Biochar
Making Bone Biochar with the Exeter Biochar Retort
Callicrate Bone Biochar

Callicrate Cattle Company, a leader in the Kansas movement to raise Cattle in humane conditions on improved soils, also sells bone biochar made from their cattle in an Exeter Charcoal Retort.

Bone biochar is an excellent source of char, in addition to the qualities we associate with chars, better tilth, improved water holding capacity, improved microclimates for beneficial microbes, bone chars are rich in calcium and phosphorus.

"Charcoal is a valuable ingredient in rebuilding healthy soils," Mike concludes. "Blended with composted manure and other nutrient-rich organic materials from our meat processing operation, it will make a great natural fertilizer."

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John with covers 5 ways to improve your biochar for best results.


The Kennedy/Jenks project that used biochar as part of a stormwater filter in a busy log yard for the Port of Tacoma was a winner of the American Association of Port Authorities 2014 Environmental Improvement Award.

In this project they are using a chain of filters working together, that includes sand filteration, a sand and biochar combination and finish with biofilters for phytoremediation. They've had some impressive results: 92% reduction in Zinc, 81% reduction in copper, 94% reduced turbidity, and 85% reduced suspended solids. Biochar is a small part of the total project, but it shows the potential for using biochar as component in filteration media that can improve the system as a whole.


ClearStak and Ag Fuel Energy Systems NE have designed a greenhouse sized wood chip powered combined heat and biochar unit. It's set up for easy operation with fairly dry fuel. The thermostat uses a Nest system, and can link directly with an iPhone for alerts.


Tufts University from the Biodiversity for a Livable Climate conference: "Restoring Ecosystems to Reverse Global Warming"
Sunday November 23rd, 2014

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Tom McCormick of McCormick Environmental
Thatcher School Bioswale, Ojai, Ca

Minimizing the damage from flash floods and run-off from a horse pasture at Thatcher School.

More about the biochar used in the project, and the building of the wattles and the check dams:
Black Owl Biochar

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Announcing an exciting new biochar learning opportunity
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  • 5 days of learning and experimentation at Swallow Valley Farm in Sonoma County, California
  • Produced by Wilson Biochar Associates, New England Biochar, LLC and Biocarbon Associates
  • Co-sponsored by US Biochar Initiative, Sonoma Biochar Initiative, Southern California Biochar Initiative and others TBA

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