Biochar Works, Pawling, New York

Erin Rasmussen

BioCharWorks, Pawling, New York

"THE HYBRID" A Bio-Energy Converter Converting Biomass to Heat Energy and Biochar using pyrolysis and gasification in a self sustaining converter.

Stationary and Mobile Units

  • A BIO-ENERGY CONVERTER with the flexibilty to be site specific to fit your actual application.
  • Converts biomass,(wood chips, coconut shells, peach pits), into a value-added product, biochar.
  • Supplies heat to your home, farm, or greenhouse with the ability to produce 500,000 BTU/hr of heat energy.
  • Continuous feed system.
  • Project feasibility and plant layout design available.
  • Makes cents while heating your home!

This is a mobile greenhouse scale

Cornelius du Plessis is a retired engineer from South Africa with extensive experience making activated charcoal, that has modified his older design to burn wood chips. It's a continuous rather than a batch feed reactor and the feed system has been designed around the vagaries of chip feeding.

For more information about his work see, David Yarrow's profile of him:

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