What Charcoal amendments to soil offers Organic growers
Sean Barry, Troposhere Energy LLC, January 14, 2008

Charcoal can be promoted as a universal "carbon balancing" mix; a safe, ecology promoting, soil and soil mixture additive. If the current soil amendments they now give their farmland soil and the microorganisms it holds are what these need to "hold" nutrients in the soil and "deliver" the nutrients to growing plants, then just add charcoal into that soil to improve that, and water it.

Charcoal can be a gardener's helper for all sorts of fertility management practices.

Charcoal in soil can loosen "tight" soils, giving it greater friability and tilth, which allows deeper water and root penetration.

Charcoal in soil mixtures with your fertilizer can improve the resilience of that fertility which you work so hard to put into a garden. It can help bring the nutrition from composted waste into the soil and to growing plants faster. Regardless of your fertility management practices, charcoal in soil can enhance the performance of those materials.

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