Introduction to Soil Science

Tom Miles

Introduction to Soil Science
T.S. Tollefson, University of Saskatchewan, CA SCSR Open Courseware 41/240

This course is designed for students in the Diploma in Agriculture program and first and second year students in the B.S.A. program. Graduate students in the Soil Science may also find the course useful background for their qualifying or comprehensive exams.

The course introduces the principles of soil science, including: the fundamental physical and chemical properties of soil, soil formation and classification, and soil fertility.

The content is separated into modules: each of which include learning objectives, video hints, audio hints and study questions. At the end of each module you will find a short quiz. Try your skills in answering the quiz questions before moving on to the next module.

Any module can be studied separately, but we recommend that you organize your study in an orderly fashion beginning with the introduction module and making sure that you understand each module before proceeding to the next one. The previous and next buttons at the bottom of each page follow logically through each module.

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