PyroGen Power Generation

Tom Miles

PyroGen Power Generation
R&A Energy Solutions, LLC, May 31, 2009
Pyrogen ProcessPyrogen Process
PyroGen appears to be a company in North Ridgeville, OH that combines a prototype skid mounted pyrolytic sludge reduction process with a genset, both from Indiana.
Skid Mounted PyrolyzerSkid Mounted Pyrolyzer

"R&A Energy Solutions provides integrated, modular pyrolysis and combined heat and power generation equipment for the dairy, cattle feedlot, recycling, waste hauling, municipal utility and auto shredding industries.
Systems are available in 250 pound, 500 pound, 1,000 pound, 2,000 pound and 4,000 pound per hour sizes, producing from 20 Kilowatts to 2 Megawatts and more of power capacity, plus Pyro-Oil and Pyro-Char or Bio-Char."

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