Climate change conference in Canada - Engineering Institute of Canada

Tom Miles

Climate change conference in Canada - Engineering Institute of Canada
Duane Pendergast, January 18, 2008

Dear Colleagues,

I'm participating in the organization of a conference which I think provides many opportunities for you to bring forth your ideas and research on terra preta. I've attached the Call for Papers. This is the second conference on climate change hosted by the Engineering Institute of Canada. The overall scope of the first one is still posted on the Internet.

As chair of the policy track for the predecessor conference, I did bring the use of charcoal in soil to the attention of participants in one of the best attended sessions.

My presentation there, with notes, is at:
Energy, the Carbon Cycle, and Enduring Greenhouse Gas Management

It is based on my related paper which is linked from the terra preta website.

I'm hoping that those who follow this list will take advantage of this conference and submit proposals for papers on terra preta over the vast range of topics that need to be addressed. I think papers on both the carbon sink capability and soil enhancement aspects would be appropriate. Soil enhancement links to policy as many of you have pointed out via the provision of an additional incentive for the establishment of carbon sinks.

That would be important to the policy and regulation topic category. I can see terra preta papers fitting into most of the topic categories.


Duane Pendergast
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