55 Uses for Biochar

Erin Rasmussen

There are some real Jewels in the Ithaka journal's article 55 uses for Biochar


Mr. Schmidt makes a good point that biochar provides more value when it's used for other purposes before it is worked into the soil, and then he does a nice job of laying out the pathways to do so.

One of my favorites

Cascading uses of biochar in farming with animals.

  1. use biochar as a silage agent
  2. then it's a feed additive that's been shown to help feed conversion in cattle
  3. add it to the litter or animal bedding to help capture urea etc and keep it from annoying your animals
  4. in more watery forms of waste, use in slurry treatment
  5. adding a little more char can improve manure composting and retain more nutrients in the compost
  6. Then that compost makes a really good soil amendment, especially with a little more char added to help improve the water holding capacity of the soil

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