Training Manual of Bamboo Charcoal for Producers and Consumers

Tom Miles

Training Manual of Bamboo Charcoal for Producers and Consumers
JIANG Shenxue, Bamboo Engineering Research Center, Nanjing Forestry University, May 2004

Bamboo charcoal, outcome of pyrolyzing bamboo, is a sort of porous material with excellent adsorption, electromagnetic shielding, and infrared emitting capacity. Not only bamboo but also bamboo processing residues such as particle, sawdust, thread left in processing etc. can manufacture bamboo charcoal, which is named as bamboo briquette charcoal. Bamboo pyrolysis process can be divided into four stages according to temperature and products situation in a kiln or a pyrolyzing kettle, e.g. dry, pre-carbonization, carbonization, and refining or calcinations. Presented in the manual were the structure of a brick kiln and the process popular in bamboo charcoal production, the structure of mechanical furnace and bamboo briquette charcoal production process including how to make bamboo sticks with residues. The quality index weighs bamboo charcoal good or bad, so in this manual listed are the definition and significance of main quality index such as density, fixed carbon content, ash and volatile matter content, specific surface area, etc. Also introduced were the factors to influence bamboo pyrolysis process such as the terminal pyrolysis temperature, carbonization speed, the moisture content of bamboo and bamboo dimensions. Among these, the terminal carbonization temperature contributes most to bamboo charcoal quality and properties. The adsorption capacity of bamboo charcoal to methanal, benzene, methylbenzene, ammonia, and chloroform were determined by testing. In this manual, some of products taking advantage of bamboo charcoal were introduced. Finally, the production cost and profit manufacturing bamboo charcoal including bamboo briquette charcoal were presented.

Keywords: Bamboo charcoal; Bamboo pyrolysis; Production process and equipment; Adsorption; Utilization

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