Hornito Biochar Kiln

Erin Rasmussen

Property of PODERCO S.A
Design: Robert Lerner

Subsistence farmers, home gardeners,
and other small stakeholders represent
a huge potential resource for distributed
biochar production worldwide. Reaching
this audience with affordable, reliable
biochar technology could have a huge impact
on carbon sequestration, crop yields,
and sustainability of agricultural practices
for hundreds of millions of users. The
proposed development platform offers
the potential for low-cost, controlled, lowemissions
biochar production, adaptable
to multiple feedstocks and circumstances.
A potentially valuable tool for biochar
investigators, Hornito can produce small

stocks for pot trials and characterization
The basic kiln consists of a drum with

on a Rocket Stove base (biomass stove

drum to fuel feed of stove. Condenser for
wood vinegar collection also depicted.

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