Improving water and soil resources for tree production - Vietnam

Tom Miles

Improving water and soil resources for tree production - Vietnam
NSW Department of Primary Industries, Australia


Water for irrigation is a scarce resource in topical dry seasons. Nutrient losses due to erosion and leaching are high in topical wet seasons. This project will evaluate practices within horticultural tree crops to increase the efficiency of use of scarce irrigation water and applied nutrients in subtropical NSW and Vietnam. The project will evaluate the potential to apply partial rootzone drying to cashew and macadamia nut crops. The effect of biochar on soil nutrient and water availability will be assessed.
Project Objectives

The objectives of this research project are to:

1. Assess the potential sources, availability and costs of irrigation water in landscape units of cental coastal Vietnam.
2. Identify current farmer practices and perceptions in relation to irrigation and nutrient management.
3. Increase technical capacity of the Agricultural Science Institute for Southern Coastal Central Vietnam in water and soil science.
4. Evaluate water and nutrient management strategies to improve productivity and profitability of tree crops, and resource use efficiency in central coastal Vietnam and northern coastal NSW.

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), Southern Cross University, Vietnamese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Ninh Thuan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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