Biotechnology Capacity Of LDCs In The Asian Pacific Rim

Tom Miles

Biotechnology Capacity Of LDCs In The Asian Pacific Rim
Suman Sahai, Gene Campaign, AgBioforum, Volume 2 // Number 3 & 4 // Article 7, 1999

Biotechnology is comprised of a continuum of technologies ranging from long-established and widely applied technologies to more recent recombinant DNA (rDNA) techniques. Several of the technologies are reviewed in this paper, along with specific applications in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, The Philippines, and India. I conclude that there is substantial variation among less developed countries (LDCs) in terms of their capacity to develop and use products from biotechnology.

Key words: biotechnology, recombinant DNA (r-DNA); Asian Pacific countries; LDCs.

Biotechnologies In Developing Countries

Fermentation Technology
Application of Fermentation Technology in Developing Countries

Microbial Inoculation of Plants

Microbial inoculant technology involves the selection and multiplication of plant-beneficial micro-organisms, such as those used for improved plant nutrition (biofertilizers), and for improved biological control of pests, weeds, and diseases (biological control agents). The concept of microbial inoculation of plants goes back almost one hundred years and has been commercialized over the last decade. Despite this long history, the global market for microbial fertilizers and pesticides has been insignificant when compared to the corresponding markets for the equivalent chemical pesticides or transgenic products.

* Biological nitrogen fixation (BNF).
* Mycorrhiza associations.
* Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria.

Biological control agents
Application of Microbial Inoculants in Developing Countries

Plant Cell and Tissue Culture
Application of Tissue Culture Techniques in Developing Countries

Enzyme Technology
Application of Enzyme Technology in Developing Countries

Embryo Technology
Application of Embryo Transfer in Developing Countries

The State Of Biotechnology In Developing Countries
The Philippines

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