Improving wheat production with deep banded Oil Mallee Charcoal in Western Australia
Paul Blackwell1, Syd Shea2, Paul Storer3, Zakaria Solaiman4, Mike Kerkmans5, and Ian Stanley6
Agchar Initiative Conference Terrigal New South Wales. April 29 - May 2, 2007

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Jatta Charcoal Retort, The Gambia
Bakary Jatta, Bwiam Villiage, The Gambia, March 27,2008
Jatta RetortJatta Retort

My retort is in my back yard. It is a drum with a fairly tight lid and a piece of pipe letting volatile gasses take over the initial firing in the firebox underneath. The drum is enclosed in a rock and soil and lime plaster wall. For a quick start I surrounded the drum with small branches or crop waste before covering the top with a scrap iron sheet with a gap for smoke to escape in the beginning. The drum costs money, the rest is labor.


Charcoal and Salicylic Acid
Nikolaus Foidl, Bolivia, February 6, 2008

Dear All , some photos.

First the difference between Charcoal and non Charcoal was nearly 60 cm in height, then after correcting soil minerals and applying Salicylic acid the difference vanished and the plants started really to grow.The maize started to get up to 5 cobs build on every shank in every axle. Could harvest now up to 4 fully developed cobs per plant in the no charcoal and in the charcoal plot. No measurable difference between the two areas.Will repeat those trials to get to the bottom of it.This time will mill and extract with different acids all minerals from the charcoal prior to the introduction to the soil to see if there is still some growth enhancing effect left in the first stage.( without adding salisylic acid.)
Best regards Nikolaus

for an update see:


Effects of Charcoal on Manure in a Temperate Forest Ecosystem: A Greenhouse Study
Clarice Pina, Project Train 2005, University of Montana, 2005 with Tom Deluca.

This is Puffergas' first test of growing potatoes in switchgrass compost. The potatoes were grown in containers and charcoal was added to the compost.
See link below:
Potato 2007 by Puffergas
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Rice Planting Experiment With Charcoal Enriched Soil
Jochen Binikowski May 18, 2007

Experimental rice Planting Project
5 paddys at 5 x 4 meters each prepared with rice husk charcoal

Jochen Binikowski

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Use the Iwasaki charcoal-making kiln to make charcoal from forest thinnings.
Iwasaki MASATO, Ashikaga Institute of Technology College, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

The Iwasaki charcoal kiln is made from two steel drum cans.
Since high temperature is used, it takes a very short time to make the charcoal.
Wood (diameter<5cm) charcoal takes less than 5 hours to make.
Bamboo charcoal takes less than 3 hours to make.
This charcoal-making kiln can make be used to make charcoal from corn cobs,


Oliver Enterprises: Carbonized Rice Husk
Oliver Enterprises, Philippines
[img_assist|nid=381|title=Oliver Carbonized Rice Husk|desc=|link=node|align=center|width=400|height=118]


Mallee Charcoal: part of a beneficial cycle?
Western Mineral Fertilisers, Australia April 2007

Mallee charcoal

Mallee Charcoal

See presentation: Blackwell P, Shea S, Storer P, Kerkmans M, Stanley I: Improving wheat production with deep banded Oil Mallee charcoal in WA



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